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About the Canadian Sleep Surgery Clinic

If you are looking to treat your snoring problems or obstructive sleep apnea, call Canadian Sleep Surgery Clinic. We’re based in Calgary and are a semi-private clinic, meaning we accept patients from all across Canada. You can find us at #201 - 506, 71 Ave SW, close to Mount Royal University.

Speak to your family physician today to request a referral to see Dr. Jason Chau. If you would like to be seen for sleep disordered breathing, having a sleep study done prior to your initial consultation is required. The severity of sleep apnea will change your procedure options and is used to determine whether you are a candidate for surgical treatment.

**Unfortunately, snoring is not considered "medically significant" enough by provincial health care insurance programs (in any province). Unless there is a diagnosis of sleep apnea, all associated costs for snoring treatments would have to be covered by the patient or their private insurance company.

If the patient would like to be assessed in private consultation for their SNORING ONLY, please contact our office to book accordingly. **NOTE: Private consults are subject to a consultation fee as procedures are not covered by provincial health care.

If you need emergency help, please proceed to your nearest emergency room or call 911. Alternatively, you may call Health Link by dialling 811 to speak with a nurse.

Contact Us

We have moved to a new location

#201 - 506, 71 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2V 4V4

Serving patients throughout Canada

#201 - 506, 71 Ave SW, 

Calgary, AB T2V 4V4

Telephone: 403-217-8668

Fax: 403-217-8658

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM **CHANGED
Friday 08:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday and all Statutory Holidays Closed

Methods of Payment

Bank Drafts (no personal check)

The CC machine is subject to a 3% additional charge

The majority of surgeries are covered by Federal Health Care. However, any cosmetic or snoring surgeries are not and are covered by the patient.

Send Us Your Questions

Do you have a general question for our clinic about our sleep surgery options and procedures? Email us. Simply fill out the form with your name, phone number, email address, and comments. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

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